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Our Marketplace lets Nigerians buy gadgets and household appliances and pay in instalments at zero interest.

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CDcare is the smartest way to buy anything in Nigeria.

More than 1,000 Nigerians are already buying what they love the smart and stress-free way using CDcare.

How to Start:


Download CDcare from your phone's AppStore and register an account.


Browse through our wide range of products and select your choice. 

Follow the prompts to choose the instalment type and duration.
Then proceed to start your instalments. 


Your item will be delivered before full payment in the middle of your instalment period(50% instalment).

We don't stress you.

Our requirements are simple, they are:


 Be consistent with your installment.


Have and send the screenshot of a valid means of ID before delivery (OR a means of identification will be requested for when the product is due for delivery)


Make at least one card payment before collecting your item

What our customers are saying


I have always wanted to buy some cool gadgets and CDcare made owning these things very easy for me.

I have bought four items already from CDcare. I like the fact that CDcare doesn't require much from me as a user.

Tosin Amuda

Twitter: @tosinamuda

" first I was sceptical. Months later I decided to change my laptop and chose to use their instalment payments. It was a very good experience and the flexibility helped me handle other pressing expenses.

Edward Israel-Ayide

Twitter: @wildeyeq


CDcare made life easier for me when it was time for me to get my home appliances. The convenience I got from having to pay instalmentally and I was able to use the extra to do other things. 

Foluke(Adugan Jollof)

Instagram: @aduganjollof


I doubted CDcare at first and I had to visit their office before I made my first instalment.

I believed and told many more people about CDcare when I collected my Fridge. I have made it my responsibility to tell everybody about this wonderful product.

Paul Chinedu

Works at Skyway Aviation.

Frequently asked questions

When will I collect the item that I am paying for?

When you reach the middle of your instalment period, and at that time you must have paid half of the cost of the item in equal installments, your item will be due for delivery.

Can I pay at once and collect my item immediately?

CDcare does not sell items outrighly. However, you can choose the 2-month installment plan, pay 50% first and we will process the delivery immediately. You can choose to pay 50% balance immediately or wait till the second installment is due after a month.

Why do you need my BVN?

We request your BVN to verify that the Individual purchasing the item is the same as the individual paying for it. Kindly note that your BVN does not give us access to your account. If in doubt, we encourage you to confirm this information from your bank before you proceed. Inputting your BVN is optional until you want to pick up your item.

Is my money safe with CDcare?

CDcare is founded and managed by EMAXIE Limited, which is the parent company for Computer Doctor and eMaxie Works. We have been in business for more than 10 years and very reputable.

Why should I put my credit card on your platform?

To facilitate easy payment by you or deduction by us in line with your preferred instalment plan. Please note we do not store your card details; all card transactions are handled by Flutterwave.

What is Flutterwave?

Fluuterwave is a payment gateway company that helps businesses in Africa get paid by anyone, anywhere in the world. To know more about Flutterwave please go to

Are my credit card details safe on the CDcare platfrom.

CDcare does not store your card details so the issue of card insecurities does not arise with CDcare. Our payment gateway is Flutterwave and they are reputable for taking security seriously. To know more about Flutterwave please click here.

Can I pay half of the gadget cost and collect my gadget immediately?

To get your item early, you can choose the 2-month installment plan. CDcare will run a credit check and your item will be delivered within 15 days. However, the remaining balance must be paid in one instalment only.

Can I collect my money back if I change my mind?

Yes, however, this attracts a fee of 10% of the instalment sum already paid to discourage unnecessary cancellation of orders. Kindly read article 13 of our Terms and Conditions to know more cancellation of orders.

What if the product I want to buy is no more available in the market when I have reached my half payment mark?

This is an unavoidable possibility so we will present the following options to you: i. That you give CDcare a short period (most likely 1 to 3 days) to make available the actual product to you, if possible. ii. That you chose another product of same price range as your ordered product which is now unavailable. iii. That we refund your money in full.

What if the product I want to buy becomes cheaper when I reached my half payment mark?

The contract of purchase is subject to the availability of the item as at when you reach the half payment mark, likewise the price of the item, so if the price of the item becomes cheaper, CDcare will credit the excess amount in your CDcare account which can be used for subsequent instalments.

What if the product I want to buy becomes costlier when I reached my half payment mark?

The contract of purchase is subject to the availability of the item as at when you reach the middle of your chosen installment period, likewise the price of the item, so if the price of the item becomes higher, CDcare will spread the excess amount on your subsequent installments.

What do I do if the item I want is not on CDcare Marketplace?

Please click here to contact a CDcare agent to add your desired items for you.

How many months can I use to pay for my gadget?

CDcare allows equal and even number of installments. You can choose between 4 to 12 weeks, or 2 to 12 months. However, you must reach the middle of the installment period and paid half of the price of the gadget consistently before you can collect your gadget.

How will my item be delivered to me when the delivery is due?

Depending on your preferred option, we can deliver the item to your preferred address or you can pick up your item from our Lagos Office at 12 Adenekan Street, Fadeyi, Lagos… Please note you’ll be required to pay delivery fee. Delivery fee varies depending on your location and the size of your ordered item(s).

What if my gadget develops a fault and I have not completed the payment?

All items on CDcare comes with manufacturer warranty. You can contact our support for assistance by sending an email to

Does CDcare have a physical location?

Yes, CDcare is a product of EMAXIE Limited, located at 12, Adenekan street, Somolu, Lagos, Nigeria.

What If I get enough money to pay fully during the course of my instalment, can I pay a lump sum and get my item?

Yes, you may choose to pay the remaining amount during the period of installment.

There is no option to select multiple items at the same time.

You can use the CDcare wishlist feature to collate all the items you want to buy and order them from the wishlist tab on the App.

What if I don't pay your money?

There are two categories of defaulters and how they are handled; 1. Defaulter before item is delivered: The item will not be delivered until complete payment is made. 2. Defaulter after item is delivered: The CDcare legal team will take it up with the customer. Depending on the severity, the item may be retrieved from the user as such is still a property of CDcare until full payment is made.

Is delivery free?

The delivery schedule and the delivery fee will be communicated at the middle of your installment period. The delivery fee will be paid by you before the delivery or at the point of delivery. The item can also be picked up from our office at 12, Adenekan street, Fadeyi, Lagos. This option does not attract a delivery fee.

Have questions? 

We have answered many of them in our faq.

You can also reach out to us on call or whatsapp.

Our office address is at No 12, Adenekan Street, Fadeyi, Lagos.

Click here to see us on google map.